Blog :: 05-2015

Safety when showing your home

If your home is on the market, or if you're considering listing your home, you will want to pay much more attention to how it is marketed online.  In today's digital age, it's not uncommon for agents to be able to feature every detail about their listings on the internet.  This includes dozens of photos, inside and out, virtual tours, live motion video, and now 3D video is becoming available.  This wonderful exposure and all of the information available attracts lots of potential buyers and it's getting our clients really great results.  We're not ever going to change how we market homes online, but there's more and more to think about as a result of it.  

A great questions to ask yourself is, "how much of your life do you want to put out on the world wide web?" 

There's lots to consider, including:

  • all of your valuable personal property
  • any of your sensitive financial information
  • any personal calendar events on display on your refrigerator
  • even family photos

Every time an agent shows your house, you open your home and your life up to those agents and their clients--some of which they have not previously met.  Meeting for the very first time at a showing is common.  Our industry is becoming more and more aware of this exposure, both to sellers and also to the agent's personal safety. As a listing agent, I counsel all of my clients on the potential risks, and I advise them on how best to keep their home safe and secure during showings.  

I work in an industry that's all about the American dream and every day I'm committed to making that dream a reality for my clients--and safety is a big part!