Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"My experience with meservier & associates was very pleasant and made the mortgage process very easy. This was my first mortgage and home purchase and I was a little nervous but they made it so simple and drastically lowered the stress in purchasing a home. They were very honest and upfront with the whole process and went out of their way to meet deadlines and make sure all of our needs and requests were meet within their power to do so. There were no surprises or unseen obstacles in the buying process bottom line is I would recommend their services to anyone and feel confident that their experience would be as pleasant as ours was."


"We sold our house 2 weeks after putting it up for sale. The Real Estate Agent kept us updated on what was happening even when she was on vacation for several days. Everything went very smoothly from the time we listed to the closing without any issues. I would recommend this agency to anyone."

"I used Meservier and Associates to purchase the first of several apartment buildings I plan to own over the next five years. I can safely say that I will be going right back to them for each apartment building in the future. They were more than willing to share their knowledge of the ins and outs of income property with me to ensure that I picked the right house. I am only 21 years old, and qualifying for a home loan was very difficult, but again came Meservier & Associates to help me. My agent recommended me to a mortgage lender who had experience working with people who don't have very much established credit. Because Meservier & Associates listed a promising apartment building for sale, I was able to see it before it came onto the market. I was then able to put in my offer, which was accepted, the day that the home went on the market. I credit Meservier & Associates with my ability to buy a home, my knowledge on which home was right for me, and the speed of a closing in about 30 days. They are true masters of their trade."


“Mary Ellen, It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working together again. I honestly can’t think of anything I would change if I was in charge of your business.”


“Within two weeks of listing our property we had a signed contract…Sue never skipped a beat…she was endlessly patient as well as professional during the entire process" Lisbon, Maine


“Listened to every little concern I had. Kept me informed thru out the process”


Mary Ellen went to great lengths to earn our trust through deeds, not just words. Integrity and trust are qualities that are sadly lacking in our current business climate; and if Mary Ellen continues to hold herself to high standards, she will earn loyal and happy customers. I would enthusiastically recommend Mary Ellen to friends and family." Turner, Maine


“Should anyone ask us who to contact to buy or sell a house, you will be the person we recommend. We have great respect for you personally and professionally. Thank you Mary Ellen” Lisbon, Maine


“You were VERY accessible when we needed you. The quality of your service is a 10…”


“Sue and her team of Tammy and Julia were OUTSTANDING. Even though the home my Mom was selling was not high dollar, Sue and her team treated us like we were million dollar customers. Their courteous knowledgeable, professional service was exemplary. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.” Monmouth, ME

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