5 Tips For A Stress Free Thanksgiving

1. Put Time On Your Side
Thanksgiving Table SettingRunning out of time is one of the most stressful parts of Thanksgiving entertaining. Give yourself some help by setting your table days in advance and prepping side dishes the night before; this allows you to focus on the most important things like the turkey and entertaining. Mashed potatoes, casseroles, and stuffing are easy to make in advance and keep in your fridge until they're ready to head to the oven. Making a list for the week before will also make sure you stay on task and you aren't forgetting things. Thanksgiving day can be rather hectic, so making sure you have everything planned out by the half-hour is a great way to make sure you aren't forgetting anything!

2. Ask For Help
You don't have to do the whole thing yourself! Ask someone to be your assistant — husbands, kids, and best friends are great for this. Have them greet guests, take coats, and fill drinks so you can stay focused on what's happening in the kitchen and they stay out of your hair. 

3. Set The Right Mood
Before guests arrive light a few candles, play some music, and dim the overhead lights. Not only will this set a relaxed and festive mood, dim light also helps to disguise a not-so-perfectly cleaned room. Playing music from a website like Pandora allows you to play music that will perfectly fit the mood and you are able to play it for hours without having to change CDs in the middle of dinner. Avoid scented candles near the table as you want all that food you worked so hard on to be the main event.

Thanksgiving Dinner on a plate4. Serve Food Buffet Style
Serving food buffet style adds a casual element that can make dinner about eating rather than making sure the green bean casserole gets passed all the way around the table. It also frees up more space on the table for glassware and table settings. Set up food on one side of the room and drinks on the other to keep traffic flowing and to prevent bottlenecks.

Thanksgiving Dessert5. Don't Take Things Too Seriously
At the end of the day, your guests will remember your company and not whether your table and meal looked like they came out of a magazine. Remember to relax and enjoy the day with your loved ones — that's what it's all about after all.  


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      Safety when showing your home

      If your home is on the market, or if you're considering listing your home, you will want to pay much more attention to how it is marketed online.  In today's digital age, it's not uncommon for agents to be able to feature every detail about their listings on the internet.  This includes dozens of photos, inside and out, virtual tours, live motion video, and now 3D video is becoming available.  This wonderful exposure and all of the information available attracts lots of potential buyers and it's getting our clients really great results.  We're not ever going to change how we market homes online, but there's more and more to think about as a result of it.  

      A great questions to ask yourself is, "how much of your life do you want to put out on the world wide web?" 

      There's lots to consider, including:

      • all of your valuable personal property
      • any of your sensitive financial information
      • any personal calendar events on display on your refrigerator
      • even family photos

      Every time an agent shows your house, you open your home and your life up to those agents and their clients--some of which they have not previously met.  Meeting for the very first time at a showing is common.  Our industry is becoming more and more aware of this exposure, both to sellers and also to the agent's personal safety. As a listing agent, I counsel all of my clients on the potential risks, and I advise them on how best to keep their home safe and secure during showings.  

      I work in an industry that's all about the American dream and every day I'm committed to making that dream a reality for my clients--and safety is a big part!