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Sebago Lake in MaineSebago Lake is the second largest lake in Maine, covering 45 square miles. With close proximity to Portland, folks in southern Maine flock to the lake during the warmer months. The lake is home to a large coastline and has plenty of space for boating and water sports. Fishing is a popular hobby in the area, as the lake is clear and over 300 feet deep in certain areas. The lake has many unique features, such as mesmerizing coves and wooded inlets. Sebago Lake is surrounded by the towns of Casco, Naples, Raymond, Sebago, Standish, and Windham.

Attractions and Recreational Activities

Visitors and residents alike head to Sebago Lake in western Maine for some fun in the sun! The lake supplies recreational activities for all ages. It’s a swimming, fishing, boating & camping destination. Sebago Lake State Park is a great place to launch your boat, but there are many marina options in the area. For those wanting an aerial view of Maine’s vast beauty, there are plane excursions that provide a broader view of the lake and the surrounding scenery. Golf is another popular activity in the area with a few courses at various locations along the lake’s shores.

Shopping & Dining

The Sebago Lake area offers quiet and quaint downtowns with local shops and restaurants, as well as a thriving nightlife scene. It all depends on the area of the lake you’re visiting. For example, Windham is known for its sports bars and pubs, while Bridgton has more small family-run businesses. The nearby lakeside towns have downtown districts with artisan shops, but if you’re looking to do a shopping haul, you should head to Maine’s biggest city, Portland. The city is only 30 miles from the lake and is an excellent option for an afternoon trip to do some shopping and try Maine’s finest cuisine.

Nearby Towns


Sebago is a small waterside town on the northwest shore of the lake. The population is 1,719. Sebago was incorporated in 1826 and was originally part of the Town of Baldwin. Over the years, it has developed into a sunny haven for water lovers. Along with lake activities, residents and visitors alike enjoy the town’s natural beauty. Douglas and Decker Mountain are popular afternoon attractions for those who enjoy a quick hike. View current listings in Sebago.


Naples is one of the most picturesque towns in Western Maine. The town has a small, quiet population of 3,872 that grows in the summer. Naples is home to part of the beautiful Sebago Lake Park. Brandy Pond and Brandy Pond Park are also located in Naples, along with Naples Causeway. Residents and visitors enjoy outdoor activities by day and gorgeous sunsets by night. Once the sun sets the fun doesn’t stop. Naples has a bustling nightlife with a variety of restaurants and pubs. View current listings in Naples.


Bridgton, Maine is the land of lakes, ski trails, and peaks. The town has a population of 5,210. Visitors enjoy Bridgton year-round due to Shawnee Peak ski mountain’s location right in town. The resort offers 40 trails, three terrain parks, seven glades, and night skiing. Bridgton itself is a quaint town with several local family-owned businesses. Its Main Street has a strip of charming restaurants and cafes and is lined with unique shops and galleries with pieces from local artists. View current listings in Bridgton.


Raymond is a popular summer recreation spot due to its lakefront land. The population is about 4,000 people year-round, but the number triples in the summer due to second-home owners enjoying all the town has to offer. Raymond has plenty of summer activities because of the two lakes and five ponds within the town boundaries. The town is community orientated, as many residents live and work in town and local businesses supply necessities. Portland, Maine’s largest city, is only 21 miles away if you happen to crave a day in the city. View current listings in Raymond.


Casco, Maine is located on the northeast shore of Sebago Lake and is home to 3,742 residents. The town’s land contributes to Sebago Lake State Park. Eight bodies of water are within the town borders. Casco has a homey feel with a drive-in theater and several local shops and restaurants. View current listings in Casco.


Standish encompasses the majority of Sebago Lake’s south shore. The town is home to 9,874 and includes the villages/neighborhoods of Standish Corner, Sebago Lake Village, and Steep Falls, and the localities known as Richville, Elmwood, Standish Neck, and Two Trails. Saint Joseph’s College is located in Standish and brings young energy to the area. Along with Sebago Lake, Watchic Lake within the town borders provides outdoor recreation opportunities. View current listings in Standish.

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