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5 Winter Moving Tips to Help You Brave the Cold

Winter Moving TipsHere are some helpful tips to get you through your move this winter.

Monitor the Forecast

The last thing you need on moving day is to get caught in a blizzard. Be sure to keep checking the forecast in the days preceding your move - we all know how unpredictable winter weather can be, and it may become necessary to reschedule the move. You should also be in contact with your moving company as the moving day approaches to express any concerns you may have about the weather or other factors that may affect your moving date. One bonus of moving in the winter is that moving companies are less slammed and can usually offer more flexibility if unpredictable weather becomes a factor. Remember, it’s always better to postpone the move than to put your safety at risk. 

Label Boxes for Easy Organization

Being organized during your move is more important than ever during the winter months. You don’t want to be making extra trips in the cold if you don’t have to. Make sure all of your stuff is packed into boxes before the movers arrive - it’s also a good idea to sort the boxes into piles based on content. You could also split them up by weight, so you don’t get stuck carrying five heavy boxes in a row. When it comes to organization, it’s all about what works for you, but you should have some kind of system to minimize trips and last-minute scrambling. 

Protect Your Precious Floors

Moving day can take a toll on you, but it shouldn’t take a toll on your new flooring. No matter how careful you are, it is inevitable that people will be tracking in snow and mud throughout the day. There’s also the risk of scratching or spilling on the floors during the chaos of moving. That’s why we recommend covering your floors with plastic tarps or old sheets on move-in day to avoid premature wear and tear. It would help if you did this at both your new home and old home to preclude any extra cleaning that might have been necessary. 

Selectively Heat Your Home

Turning the heat off to your house may seem counterintuitive on a cold winter day, but the constant traveling in and out of the door will make your central heating unit obsolete. It’ll be working way too hard to heat your home only to have it all escape once the door opens again. You’ll be working hard enough, moving all those heavy boxes that you’ll become your own heating unit. If you find yourself a bit chilly, you could choose to heat selective rooms in your home, like bedrooms or bathrooms, for moments of warmth between trips. 

Deslick the Ice

There’s nothing scarier than a patch of ice when you’re carrying a 300 pound couch and can’t see the ground. It’s necessary to shovel and salt all walkways, sidewalks, and stairs to reduce safety hazards for you and your movers. You should also clear your car of snow and ice and make sure you have good tires for navigating wintery roads. Move-in day is chaotic enough without the added stress of injury. 

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