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Why Winter Curb Appeal Matters

Front Porch in WinterMany homeowners often don't realize how important it is to have their front yard looking its best during winter. Often known as winter curb appeal. This is the practice of winterizing your home's exterior to make sure it retains its attractiveness throughout the winter season.

Winter in Maine lasts about 3-4 months, and it's common to see some barren and unwelcoming front yards with little to no appeal. Most people still don't get why winter curb appeal matters and why making a few minor changes to their home from the outside is just as important as sprucing up their interior. 

So, here we are about to tell you why you need to pay more attention to your curb appeal this winter season. 

These are just a few quick tips to get you started! 

  • Add holiday accents, such as wreaths and lights.
  • Trim your hedges and flower beds.
  • Plow or shovel the driveway and sidewalks.
  • Give your badly cracked sidewalks a fresh look.
  • Trim the trees and shrubs around your home.
  • Repaint or refurbish a rusty mailbox.
  • Repair non-working yard lights.
  • Tend to weedy flower gardens.
  • Protect metal surfaces with a coat of paint or sealant.
  • Repair any cracked or broken windows and window panes.

What Are The Benefits Of Winter Curb Appeal?

Better Real Estate Pricing

A well-maintained tidy exterior can give your home that extra boost in attractiveness, especially if you're looking to sell. If you have plans to put your property in the homes for sale market in Maine, having good curb appeal can make all the difference between getting an attractive offer for your home and having it sit on the market for months.

Your Home Will Stand Out

Most people still hold the perception that you need to wait till spring and summer to have the most success in the real estate market. While this is true to some extent, winter is such a good time to showcase your home, especially if your curb appeal is on point! Around this time, most people tend to overlook their house's landscape, which is why boring lawns are a common theme in most homes. Well, it's no secret winter weather goes hard on properties, so what better way to show how well your home stands the test of bad weather, through a perfectly landscaped outdoor space.

It Is Better To Do Spring Cleaning During Winter

Revamping your home's exterior early, when most people are curling by the fireplace, sipping some hot chocolate has its benefits. This is because tidying up your home's outdoor space just before the wake of spring lays a good foundation for your home's cosmetic appeal for the warmer months ahead. Therefore, even if you're unlucky not to get a winter buyer, your house's springtime curb appeal will be calling customers from afar!

It Is Effective To Do Damage Control 

When the temperature plummets and the snow starts to fall, homeowners have less time to inspect their property for possible damages. Icicles can form on eaves and gutters, threatening to pull them away from the house. Sometimes lost branches from nearby trees could fall and cause damage to your roof and siding. In some instances, pipes can freeze and burst. So, by maintaining your winter curb appeal, you'll be able to keep tabs on any structural maintenance needs that could potentially lead to more damage if left unattended. 

All the same, we understand winters in Maine can be harsh, but let that be no excuse to leave your front yard unattended. Winter curb appeal does matter, and it's a sure way to add that touch of charm to your house if you're looking to sell your home in Maine. 

If you need professional advice on how to improve your home's curb appeal or if you’re ready to list your home on the market, talk to our experienced real estate experts at Meservier & Associates.

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