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Top 5 Reasons To Live in Maine

Rocky Maine CoastlineWhile Maine has always been a great place for tourists to travel, it's an even better place to plant roots and call it home. It's not only the beautiful scenery or the high quality of life that makes Maine an attractive place to relocate. There are far many more reasons, but here are a few of the very best. 

A Great Place For Foodies!

Residents here are absolute "Maine-iacs" over the delicious food options found around each corner. From fresh seafood shacks to upscale eateries, Maine definitely doesn't have a shortage of exciting food options. 

According to Integrity Movers, Maine supplies over 90% of the nation's lobster, which is a seafood lover's delight! There is also no shortage of good beers. Maine is home to hundreds of elite microbreweries that collectively offer thousands of craft beer options. And for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, Maine is also home to the Whoopie Pie. Who knew?

It's A Great Place To Raise Families

Choosing to raise a family in Maine is a wonderful choice for many reasons. While it is home to exceptional school systems, there are many more family friendly features that Maine has to offer. 

The state is dotted with beautiful parks, playgrounds, and nature centers that the whole family can enjoy. According to our friends at, there are also tons of entertainment and cultural venues for the whole family, such as the Portland Museum of Art and the newly built Children's Museum & Theater of Maine located in Thompson's Point. With top notch schools, first class entertainment, and beautiful landscapes, Maine is definitely a state that families will love to call home. 

Safety Is First Class!

Before deciding to settle down anywhere, it is imperative to ensure that your surroundings are safe. Maine's crime rate is substantially lower than the national average. 

Whether you choose city or suburban living, rest assured that you will be safe with either choice. This region of the country is known for its close community awareness and family ties. This means that neighbors watch out for one another and it's rare that a bad apple gets in the barrel. 

Home Of Gorgeous Coastlines

Maine coastlines are stunning sites, and many of them are historic as well. With over 3,500 miles of scenic coastline (that's more than California!) Maine has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. 

Some of the harbors are home to iconic history, as well. For example, Portland is the oldest state capital in the country and is home to Bar-Harbor (pronounced bah-habah by the locals.) The coastal beauty and rich history are definitely bonus points for those looking to relocate. 

Plenty Of Employment And Educational Resources

When looking to relocate, the first thing many consider is whether or not they will be able to find work. Maine checks all of the boxes when it comes to starting or changing careers once you move here. 

According to the folks at, many new startup businesses are moving to Maine and offer a plethora of job opportunities in many sectors. No matter if it's tech, healthcare, veterinary science, real estate, or non-profit work, Maine is a place to find the job of your dreams. 

If you are still unsure of which career path to choose and want to take the educational route, Maine offers many places to enroll in higher learning. The University of South Maine and Southern Maine Community College are the most sought after schools in the area. But if those don’t fit your needs, Maine has other options for obtaining a degree. Just visit US News for a full list of Maine's best choices for higher learning in 2022.

The list of things that Maine has to offer its new residents could go on as far as the coastline itself. If your heart is set on planting your roots here, contact Meservier & Associates. We are the go to team of local professionals that can answer all of your questions and show you so much more of what Maine has to offer you.

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