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Top Sightseeing Adventures in Central Maine

Waterfall in Central MaineDid you see that? If you did, you will want to come back for another round. If you did not, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of sightseeing adventures in Central Maine for everyone to enjoy. From breathtaking mountaintop views to tours of iconic shoreline lighthouses, moose safaris, and whale-watching you will soon realize why the Central Maine landscape attracts people near and far all year long. Meservier & Associates specializes in residential homes, lakefront real estate, and equestrian properties. You will be witness to the natural beauty when you look outside your window, and weekend sightseeing adventures will be just down the road when you find your perfect home in our beloved state. 

Up on the mountaintop: If you want a birds-eye view of Maine, a trip to the top of Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park will serve you well. It is the highest mountain in Maine at 5.269 feet and was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1967 by the National Park Service. Several trails lead to the mountain peaks. Each trail will take the average sightseeing hiker 8-10 hours for the roundtrip. But it will be worth it! If you encounter a car with a bumper sticker claiming “this car climbed Mount Katahdin” don’t be fooled. There isn’t a road for cars leading to the summit. You will pay for the beautiful vista by way of a long day’s hike. 

Waterfalls abound: There are plenty of wonderful short day hikes for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy that will take you there and back in under an hour or two. Waterfalls are included. Moxie Falls Trail is a wonderful hike for everyone leading to a breathtaking waterfall. The approximate 1.7 mile round trip can be completed in under an hour depending on how long the waterfall and scenery hold your attention. Poplar Stream Falls, Screw Auger Falls, and Dunn Falls all offer the hiking party the promise of a waterfall after a short hike. 

Show me the light: Maine has a lot of lighthouses. There are fifty seven active lighthouses and a handful of inactive historical lighthouses preserved by the Maine Lighthouse Program. Many of Maine’s lighthouses are open to the public. They make for a very interesting shoreline lighthouse road trip. They are spectacular to see in operation and light the way for seafaring vessels after the sun goes down. They are equally spectacular and picture perfect during the day. Maine has a special day at the beginning of September known as Maine Open Lighthouse Day. Over twenty lighthouses are open to the public on this day, including many that usually are not. Many businesses offer lighthouse boat tours, so you can experience the magnificent lighthouses from afar as you gently roll along the ocean waves along the coastline. 

Moose sightings: You might see a moose in your weekly travels while living in Central Maine. Moose are most active May-July and during mating season in the Fall. Dusk and dawn are the best time to spot them. You might see them on the trail during a hike, or when you are coming home from the store with groceries (be careful and maintain a respectful distance because moose aren’t shy and can be aggressive). A moose safari is always an option in Maine, and an excellent day trip to put in the hands of moose sightseeing professionals when family or friends are visiting from out of state. Several businesses offer moose sightseeing adventures including Northwoods Outfitters (where you can view moose on a remote pond by canoe or kayak) and Northeast Whitewater (by the comfort of a tour van or canoe). 

Whale tail sightings: Maine provides excellent whale watching opportunities. Whales can be seen up and down the coast. Joining a whale watching boat tour is usually your best viewing option for an optimal sightseeing adventure. Humpbacks, pilots, minkes, and finbacks are all common in the waters from mid-April through October. Many companies are offering 3-5 hour tours.

Road-trip: If you’re looking for a scenic road trip Maine will not disappoint. There are seven National Scenic Byways in the state. A road is recognized as a National Scenic Byway by the United States Department of Transportation only if it includes archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, or scenic qualities. The routes in Maine include trips 29 miles to 125 miles in length. The 40 mile Acadian All-American Road has an additional accolade. It has been identified as an All-American Road (the gold standard for Federally recognized historical and beautiful road trips). Pack some snacks and get your camera ready! 

Island hopping: There are five islands in Casco Bay to explore accessible by ferry. You can explore the islands by bicycle, foot, golf cart, or kayak. You can spend the day swimming on a small beach, explore tidal pools and enjoy a wonderful meal at an exceptional shoreline restaurant. You can also enjoy a round of golf on Chebeague Island in Casco Bay. The Great Chebeague Golf Club is home to a 100 year old 9-hole course. It is a private club, but the public is invited. If you play a round with one member in particular and don’t stop to marvel at the oceanic view on the elevated tee from the sixth hole, it is reported they may impose a 2-stroke penalty (local rules apply). 

We look forward to helping you find your perfect home in Central Maine. You may even want to start your home search now or contact Meservier & Associates today!

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