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Easy Updates that Add Curb Appeal

Putting New Plants in Flower BedThe team at Meservier & Associates makes the home selling process efficient and relatively stress-free. You can request a free home evaluation (to get an estimate of how much your home is worth) and a free listing presentation in the comfort of your home (we come to you) when you are ready to sell your home. Staging your home, both inside and out, is a very important step in the process. The staging of your home’s exterior is commonly referred to as curb appeal. 

Maintaining and updating curb appeal is a cost-effective solution to attracting potential buyers. Your yard and the front of your home is the first thing buyers will see. Each will benefit from inexpensive and simple updates. In addition to keeping your lawn mowed and your front porch and walkways swept and clean, here are some easy updates that add curb appeal. 

Plant a tree: The plant hardiness zones in Maine span from 3-6. You will want to do your homework before selecting a tree to plant to make sure it is winter hardy. Or better yet, just ask the folks at your friendly garden center. The trees they sell will, in all likelihood, be appropriate for your yard. There are many trees to choose from. A maple tree is one of the hardiest trees to grow in Maine, and it will provide color year round for the new owners to enjoy. The red maple is native to Maine and will grow to 60 feet. A sun valley maple is a compact variety of red maple that grows to 21 feet in the first 10 years, and 35 feet as it matures. There is a list of plants that are considered invasive and prohibited to sell or grow in the state of Maine, including amur maple trees and Norway maple trees. The friendly staff at your local garden center will be up to date on all the rules and regulations. They will help you pick the perfect tree. The perfect tree will provide anticipation, hope, and growth for the new owners: as they reflect on the humble little sapling setting down roots and thriving in its new home. 

Flower beds: Plant some new flowers in your flower beds. A combination of perennial and annual flowers is a wise choice, providing both instant gratification and long term beauty. The annuals will provide color quickly. They are easy to grow and will bloom for a longer period of time. The perennials have a shorter bloom time but will return year after year (you will be contributing to the future happiness of the new owners). 

Window boxes and planters: If you have window boxes ensure your flowers are in bloom or plant a new assortment of annuals to brighten things up quickly. Placing a few planters on the front porch is another easy way to create interest, drawing attention to the beautiful and colorful pots you choose, the vibrant color of the flowering plants, and the green and lush foliage you put in them. 

Paint the front door: A quick and easy weekend project is waiting for you right outside your door. It will take less than a gallon of paint and less than a day to complete. Paint your front door! There was a recent study that found painting the front door in charcoal gray, smoky black, or rich jet black increased the market value of homes (in a particular area) by over six thousand dollars. There are color trends to consider, but it’s always best to choose colors that are within the aesthetic of your neighborhood. New owners will want to feel they are part of the community. You will help to provide a sense of belonging by carefully choosing colors that respect the neighborhood aesthetic. 

New door hardware: Shiny brass front door hardware will pop in contrast to a dark colored door and catch everyone's eye. Polish your door hardware, or install new hardware for a fresh look. Contrast is key. If you chose to paint your front door in a lighter color, consider installing black hardware for high contrast.

New mailbox: If your mailbox is mounted on the front of your home, replace it to match the color of the new front door hardware you installed. If your roadside mailbox has lived a colorful life and the rust is starting to show its age it is time to install a new one. Remember to follow the U.S. Postal Service® regulations when putting in your new mailbox. 

We are a family operated local real estate agency serving Central and Mid Coast Maine. We recognize every home is different and look forward to helping you market and sell your home quickly and efficiently. We will discuss staging in greater detail, specific to your home when we sit down with you. Contact Meservier & Associates today!

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