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Where to See Stunning Fall Foliage in Maine

Beautiful Fall FoliageNew England holds fall foliage with great reverence. Maine maintains a weekly foliage report available on its official government website. The state also has a fall foliage spokesperson, Gale Ross. She has been providing foliage reports to the public for over 30 years and has earned the nickname “Madam of Maples” from her colleagues at the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry (DACF). The first report for 2022 was submitted on September 14th. The report noted little color change but anticipates a very vibrant and colorful foliage season. 

The state parks, mountains, farms, and coast are all excellent ways to immerse yourself in the heraldry of foliage. We recommend subscribing to weekly foliage reports from DACF. You will receive a weekly report via email and plan your adventures around peak times. Here are some wonderful places to see stunning fall foliage in Maine. 

Central Maine 

Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway: U.S. Route 201 follows the river trading routes of the indigenous Abenaki people. It runs 78 miles from Solon to Sandy Bay before crossing into Québec, Canada. It was included as a National Scenic Byway in 2000. This is a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday foliage drive through the breathtaking landscape viewing foliage of the mountain vistas along the Kennebec River. 

Peaks-Kenny State Park: There are over 10 miles of gentle hiking trails to explore as you immerse yourself in the fall foliage at Peaks-Kenny State Park. The park overlooks Sebec Lake. There are several relatively short trails (0.7 miles - 2miles) and a more challenging 5.5mile roundtrip hike on Brown’s Point Trail. 

Treworgy Orchard: Enjoy working your way through a corn maze with family and friends. You will be surrounded by a field of green foliage as you look toward the vibrant changing colors in neighboring forests. Treworgy Orchard has been carving out a new puzzle in a field of corn since 2001. It is $10 on weekdays and $12 on weekends in the fall. When you solve the puzzle you get an ice cream cone! 

Mid-Coast Maine 

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: There’s always something in bloom and new colors and amazing foliage to discover at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. The garden has events scheduled throughout the year to inspire awe and respect while connecting people to plants and nature. There are over 300 acres of gardens to explore including the Shoreland Trail & The Landing where you will be treated to the indigenous trees and various plants of Maine’s forests through a three-mile network of trails. There’s a lot of color here! 

In the fall they offer programs geared toward a younger audience. There is a “Fall Explores: Trees” program for children ages 3-7 that combines a scavenger hunt through the woods with an educational program on why leaves change color. For children ages 8-14 there is a “Budding Naturalist: Maine Tree Walk & Fall Foliage Suncatcher” program. The children will be learning the science of fall foliage while collecting leaves to create a dreamcatcher.

Camden Hills State Park: You will be treated to a wondrous view of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay and the rich and vibrant colors of fall foliage at the top of Mt. Battie. There is an auto road to reach the summit, which was built in the 1960s. There is a lot of wildlife (including moose and bears). The park asks visitors to drive slowly especially in low light to protect the wildlife. There are over 30 miles of trails. Enjoy the fall foliage at a slower pace with an afternoon hike. Mountain biking and horseback riding are permitted on multi-use trails as marked. 

Meservier & Associates has been serving Maine home buyers and sellers since 1988. The rich landscape and fall foliage will be a part of your lifestyle when you find a home in Maine. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today!

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