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Winter Activities Near Sebago Lake

Winter Hikes in MaineWe all love the warm summers in Maine, but now that winter is almost here, that doesn't mean our moods should dampen. If you're planning to visit Sebago Lake this winter or live near this small beautiful lake, there are a ton of fun activities to do in the winter.

Here, we've curated a list of exciting winter activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Hiking on Douglas Mountain

The Douglas Mountain in Sebago offers visitors four exciting trails that are bound to guarantee you some fun. It's accessible all year round with well-marked and maintained trails. The views here are pretty amazing, too. Some sections of the three-mile trail are steep and challenging. This is a great spot for an enjoyable hike to help you unwind and connect with friends and family. 

If you are a mountain climbing beginner, the modestly high Douglas Mountain should be a good start. For an experienced hiker, this is just a warm-up or a bonding trip with friends as you make your way to the summit.

Visit Portland City

Portland City is a melting pot of culture, arts, drinks, and food; the residents here are also lively and amazing. The area is replete with local restaurants where you can sample the best Maine cuisines. Notably, most restaurants pride themselves on using locally sourced materials.

That's not the only great thing about Portland. The city has beautiful scenery that will allow you to connect with mother nature and forests that you can hike with friends and family.

Horseback and Romantic Sleigh Riding at Carousel Farm

Located in Casco, the Carousel Horse Farm has a myriad of activities you can try near Sebago Lake, ranging from sleigh riding to horseback riding for both experts and beginners.

If you're visiting with your significant other, you could enjoy some romantic moments on the sleigh ride pulled by horses. There are also larger sleighs for groups, so do not worry, feel free to invite your friends.


Grab your pair of snowshoes and visit Bradbury Mountain Park, Pineland Farms, or Roberts Farm for a thrilling snowshoeing experience. If you don't have snowshoes, you can rent a pair and hit the fantastic snow trails.

Dog Sledding

Visit Oxford Road near Sebago Lake to enjoy dog sledding. Sit on a sleigh as a pack of dogs pulls you around. Here's what we can tell you about dog sledding if you're a first-timer: The ride is quite a thrill, packed with loads of excitement and some degree of difficulty.

There are a variety of packages for you to choose from. You can get the one-person experience that will last a day or pay for the ultimate experience and enjoy the sledding experience for three days.

Go for a Seaplane Tour

What better way to see the full extent of the lake and the larger Maine area than with an overhead tour? Naples Seaplane Adventures offers you the chance to experience the lake and green Maine from an aerial view. Trust us, this is an activity you are bound to enjoy. 

Their packages vary, but you can get a 25-to-50-mile ride that will allow you to see the snow foliage and the mountains in and around Sebago Lake. This is an all-year-round activity so, feel free to try it anytime.

Final Thoughts

Sebago Lake is a little paradise with so much to offer in the form of vacation spots and fun events in the winter or fall. 

If you're considering moving to Sebago Lake, at Meservier & Associates, we know all there is to know about the real estate market in the area. Contact us today!

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